Encrypted instant messaging software for the digital world

A Multi-Function Ecosystem

A Safe P2P Network Designed With Your Privacy In Mind
Safe P2P Internet

A private key is used to generate a public key, which then generates the address under the asymmetric encryption principle. The system automatically verifies the authenticity of the message through the sender’s signature information.

Diversified Information

Text, voice, video and other information are supported. The message can be private or public at the discretion of the sender and the recipient.

Privacy Protection

The open decentralized account system ensures that users’ information and chat records are stored on the blockchain and there is no centralized information storage platform. Thus, the data is permanent and secure.

Multi-functional Ecosystem of HyperTalk

HyperPay,HyperNews,HyperMall and HyperShow and other blockchain service platforms are integrated with HyperTalk.