Decentralized blockchain-based live broadcast platform

HyperShow, Hyper Broadcast

Boasting a library of high quality video content with an original algorithm and unique incentive mechanism
Strengthening Platform Network

The network is tamper-proof and does not break down when the server is unable to withstand excessive traffic.

the community can grow sustainably

HyperShow adopts a propriety algorithm and incentive mechanism so that not only content contributors can make profits but viewers can be rewarded too. This encourages viewers to take initiative in participating in the creation of content rather than just passively taking in content.

Users’ Information Security

Users’ information is encrypted, thus making personal privacy more secure; content producers can profit from generating content and also be ‘fined’ for engaging in malicious or inappropriate behaviour

Live content in higher quality

HyperShow uses a decentralized system that is highly efficient yet low-cost. The production, discovery and distribution of live broadcast content are carried out by users under an automatic market mediation mechanism so that every stakeholders in the ecosystem receives a feedback; this creates a healthy revenue cycle.