Decentralized News Platform Based On Blockchain Technology


With a unique Proof of Evaluation mechanism, content will only be published when it is proven reliable.
Proof of Evaluation

HyperNews adopts a Proof of Evaluation mechanism that filters content such that only those deemed truthful and reliable will be published

Saving Information Through Data Blockchain

Any content published on HyperNews must be packaged into a data block to record the author’s information, evaluation certificate, category, label, etc., so as to verify the authenticity of the content

Special Incentives

HyperNews promotes equal incentives for content producers and users. Under such a mechanism, the benefits and risks of the platform are equally distributed to each user. The process of news production and dissemination is completely transparent, traceable and authentic.

Readers’ Incentives

Readers can be rewarded for participating in news discussions and the amount that each reader is rewarded will be recorded on the blockchain.