Provides safe and fast digital currency and fiat currency transactions


Hyper Exchange

Founded in Melbourne in December 2017, HPX exchange is a trading platform focusing on the blockchain user experience. It provides convenient digital currency / fiat transactions in a safe and comfortable trading environment for users. HPX is committed to integrating high-quality projects and building a reputatable brand for digital currency transactions.

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Product Features


Multiple security mechanisms are adopted to separate hot and cold wallets
to ensure the security of users' assets and data.


Secure escrow service with 100% reserve
and assets certification.


Provide dozens of cryptocurrency transactions, index
trading and options trading services


The Android / IOS apps have been launched so
trading is literally at the tip of your fingers

Low rates

Transaction fees are millesimal, and only the miner's service charge is needed to withdraw coins; it is also free to withdraw fiat.

High Rebates

Invite friends to get 50% commission on transaction fees permanently

Cash out in real time

24-hour real-time withdrawals and customer service